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Texas Connect is an unbiased non-commercial internet resource for parents of children with hearing loss.

Parent to parent stories. Learn about Candice, Wes, John, and Ryan’s journey through the discovery of their hearing loss. Their parents also take the time to answer some questions you might have about your child’s future with hearing loss. 


Terms and definitions. Explore terms related to hearing, communication, and services. In order to understand what your child is going through it is important to know the proper definitions for any new terms you might encounter.


Navigating the Texas Early Intervention System. Learn about Texas’ comprehensive system of early intervention services for family of infants and toddlers who are deaf or hard of hearing.

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Frequently Asked Questions. The site will answer questions about communication, hearing, services, and your child’s future.


Resources. The site provides direct links to dozens of national, educational, state, and Internet-based resources. These resources allow you to become more knowledgeable about everything from sign language to the Texas Tuition Waiver.


-Topic Cards. These cards provide information on topics of individual interest related to assessment and early intervention for your children who are deaf and hard of hearing.


Thank you

Thank you to Karen Clark for allowing us to update the content for this website.

Thank you to Dr. Phillip Wilson for mentoring this project.

Thank you to Greg Matthews for helping develop the site.

Thank you to Mattie Stafford, Judy Flores, Katherine Peterson, Alex Rivas, and Michelle Crabtree for helping translate the content into Spanish.

For more information or suggestions contact Texasconnectresource@gmail.com