Texas Connect Second Printing 2007

The original Texas connect family resource guide: resources for families of infants and children who are deaf or hard of hearing was published in 2001. You’re in the intervening six years there’ve been changes in laws, resources, technology, and research that affect identification and intervention with infants and young children with hearing loss.  They’re also remain many Constance-in the questions that families ask, the hopes and dreams they have for their children, sometimes overwhelming barrage of new terms and information they face when first learning that their child has a hearing loss.

To Texas connect second printing maintains the basic structure, format, an information-based found in the 2001 texts connect. The national, state and website resources have been completely updated. Information in the other sections and in the topic cards has been updated in areas where there have been advances in early hearing detection and intervention.


Texas Connect contributors

Work of the original contributors remains the core of Texas connect. The names of both the original contributors and those of the parents and professionals who contributed to the updates down in the second printing are listed here. Thanks once again to the clinical staff at the UDD/ Callier center for their willingness to review and provide insight on an ongoing basis. The same thanks goes to the many professionals at numerous Texas agencies and educational institution for their willingness to provide resource information during both the 2001 development and the 2007 update.

Contributors/Acknowledgments 2001

To Texas next project is the work of many people. People contributed at many different levels and each person’s contribution was valuable to the finished product. He came to our advisory board for the hours spent developing ideas as well as reviewing, having an offering valuable suggestions throughout the project. Special thanks to our parents contributers. Their participation in developing, writing and editing the text connect material was invaluable.

Texas Connect Project Staff

Karen Clark, Project Director

Wendy Benz

Judy DeMorest

Hope Harrelson

Eloyce Newman

Briseida Northrup

Ross Roeser

Ashley Spencer

Rebecca Unruh

Gayle Wilson


Texas Connect Resource Guide and Topic Card Writers

Wendy Benz

Karen Clark

Judy DeMorest

Hope Harrelson

Ross Roeser

Ashley Spencer

Diana Terry

Rebecca Unruh

Deborah White

Gayle Wilson

Spanish Translation

Briseida Northrup

Martha Saldana

Mildret Gama


Parent Contributers

Mary Jane Castrese

Mary Nell and Danny Cooper

Cindy and Edward Drake

Cheryl Ray Franklin

Shundra Harkless

Jennifer McIntier

Brenda McFarland

Kelli Mirus

Lisa Mullins

Angela and David Patlan

Nancy Hinojosa Sims and Gayland Sims

Kristen and Steven Smaney

Donna and Jake Smith

Mary and Roger Turnham

Connie and John Zebreski


Texas Connect Advisory Board

Mattie August

Joh Butler

Teresa Cason

Quita Farley

Dianne Fisher

Ann Johnson

Kelli Mirus

David Patlan

Martha Saldana

Nancy Hinojosa Sims

Arlene Stein

Linda Thibodeau

Philip L. Wilson



We wish to acknowledge numerous Texas agencies and educational institutions for their contributions to this project:

Dallas Regional Day School Program for the Deaf

Region 10 Education Service Center

Region XI Education Service Center

The Texas Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

The Texas Department of Health

The Texas Education Agency

The Texas Interagency Council on Early Childhood Intervention

The Texas School for the Deaf

We also wish to acknowledge the Colorado Department of Education and the Rhode Island Department of Health. They generously permitted us to use the following resource guides as source material for the Texas Connect Family Resource Guide:

Colorado Resource Guide for Families of Children Who Are Deaf/Hard of Hearing in Colorado, Colorado Department of Education, Colorado Families for Hands and Voice, 2000

A Resource Guide for Families of Children with Hearing Loss, Rhode Island Department of Health Early Intervention Program, Spring 1999


Additional Contributors 2007 Printing

Professional Contributors

Karen Clark, Project Director

Karen M. Dity

Alicia Favila

Connie Gerguson

Justin Langran

Philip L. Wilson

Parent Contributors

Karen and Bryan Fish

Kristiana T. Soto-Morones


Contributing agencies whose names have changed since 2001:

Texas Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services- Early Childhood Intervention

Texas Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services- Office for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services

Texas Department of State Health Services